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Goodie Press is New Orleans based Publishing House. Founded in in 2019 by author and life coach LaDonna Goodman, Goodie Press has two focuses,  helping writers become author and making life make sense by providing the best low content notebooks, journals, and logbooks to the masses. We are passionate about helping story tellers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success.

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“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

Dr. Maya Angelou


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Desponia: Goddess of Mystery

L. M. Goodman

Desponia is in immortal danger. 

The God of War has something to hide, and when Desponia's hidden power reveals it, their may be hades to pay. 

The wrath of this powerful Olympian crashes into Desponia’s life, but she  

Desponia doesn’t want to run, and she won’t stay hidden. Her actions could have deadly repercussions, and her life might not be the only one on the line. 

If the fates aren’t merciful our goddess may discover that immortals can also find themselves in the clutches of death.


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L. M. Goodman

Epic Fantasy

LaDonna Goodman is a New Orleanian through and through. The big easy nurtured the artist in her from a very young age. A poet, and screen writer, and finally a novelist, writing is how LaDonna interacts with the world. She credits her success to her imagination, and a mother who fostered a passion for reading in her, and always supported her dreams. LaDonna dedicates this, and everything thing of worth that she has or will ever create, to that support, and the woman that so freely gave it.

 “For giving me the wings to soar towards my dream, Thank you mom.” 

--LaDonna Goodman

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